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Student Services

The institutes abroad offer a wide range of services to the students. These include following services:


The library is an integral part of the institute and plays a central role in academic life. It supports the educational and research activities of the institution by providing a comprehensive information service.

Language Laboratories

The expanded language laboratories offer facilities for the intensive practice of linguistic skills. In addition to a traditional language laboratory, the institute has installed a state-of-the-art multi-media language laboratory to ensure a high quality learning experience. Theses include counseling, disability support, health, sport, recreation career and appointment services. These services continue to expand and are designed to help the students to obtain maximum benefit from the institute.

Career Counselling Services

The careers’ office can help you the information on the following:

  • Further study opportunities and transferring to other colleges, both within the country and overseas.
  • Career counseling to facilitate students to know, and evaluate, the many possibilities available.
  • Compiling CV’s and cover letters.
  • Interview techniques and mock interviews.

Counselling Services

The counselling service supports the mission of the institute by providing help and support for students who are experiencing difficulties. The institute Counsellors, provide a comprehensive confidential and free service to students to help them cope or to resolve difficulties.

Dining Facilities

Restaurant/canteen facilities are available for students abroad. The student restaurant(s) provide a practical and social hub where students and staff from different facultieis and departments integrate.

Disability Support Services

The institute aims to facilitate and support students with specific requirements because of physical/learning difficulties. Special facilities are available for all students with physical or learning difficulties. To avail of these facilities, students must be registered with the institute’s Disability Support Office.

Fitness Suite

This is a facility available to students of the institute to help them enjoy health and fitness in style and comfort.

Health Services

The health center provides full medical service and advises students on all health-related matters.

Sports and Recreation

Registered students at the institute find that if they wish to develop and pursue their interest in sport and recreation, the institute will facilitate that goal. However, if one’s preference is not to compete but to participate, the sports and recreational programme is structured to meet those requirements.

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