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International Education College is the leading guidance provider for students in Pakistan who wish to go abroad for further studies. IEC is authorized representative of world's best Universities and it help students to choose from a variety of Universities depending on their financial budget and University's merit requirements.


IEC is also representing some Universities who award scholarships. Some of these Universities award scholarships to top 20 students every year. A lot of students get benefit from this facility. Contact us for scholarship and financial details.


Thousands of students have chosen the right career through International Education College. Many Pakistanis have completed their studies in Colleges and Universities affiliated with IEC from around the world.

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Hi! I am Muhammad Mohsin from Faisalabad. I applied for study in European Cyprus and got my visa during my studies I did part time job at a restaurant according to rules of EU. After completing studies I shifted to Newzealand for higher studies.

Muhammad Mohsin - Cyprus


Hey! I am Muhammad Maroof Khan from England. I am studying in UK under Hotel Management Program and I am also doing part time job. After completion of my studies I will get work permit and will run my own Business in UK.

Muhammad Maroof Khan - UK


I never thought I would ever study abroad and now I am happy to say that my study abroad experience was the most incredible experience in my life. The overall experience of studying abroad making new friends.

Nadeem Akhter - Malaysia


I am studying in Canada! In five months, I built some of the strongest relationships I have ever had, learned an old language in a totally new way, developed lifelong skills, traveled to four other countries, conquered the bus system.

Laryab Khan - Canada

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